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Field of study

The Department of Power Equipment provides education:

in bachelor's degree programs

  • B2341 Mechanical engineering (only for completion until 31.10.2014) - branch 2302R022 Energy machines and equipment (energy machines and equipment, alternative energy machines, measurement and regulation of energy equipment, heating, ventilation, air conditioning)
  • B2301 ("new university bachelor") Mechanical Engineering (bachelor seminar, bachelor thesis, subjects of theoretical basis: thermodynamics and heat transfer, technical measurements, fluid mechanics)

in master's degree programs

  • N2301 / M2301 (only for completion - N2301 to 31.10.2016, M2301 to 31.140.2014) - Mechanical Engineering - field 3901T003 Applied Mechanics
    • specialization Fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and computer modeling (energy sources and transformations, heat and mass transfer, thermophysical properties of substances, gas dynamics, shear regions, numerical methods in fluid mechanics and heat transfer, mathematical methods in continuum mechanics, experimental methods)
  • N2301 / M2301 (only for completion - N2301 to 31.10.2016, M2301 to 31.140.2014) - Mechanical Engineering - field 2302T010 Construction of Machines and Equipment
    • specialization Thermal engineering (ecology of energy processes, renewable energy sources, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, nuclear energy, energy use of waste, energy-efficient buildings and equipment, modeling of energy systems)
  • N2301 ("new 2-year follow-up") - Mechanical Engineering - field 2302T010 Machinery and Equipment Design
    • specialization Energy equipment (renewable energy sources, modeling of energy systems, energy machines, applied fluid mechanics, technical equipment of buildings, energy-efficient buildings and equipment, selected articles from energy equipment, environmental protection technology)

in doctoral study programs

  • P2301 Mechanical Engineering - field 3901V003 Applied Mechanics
    • specialization Fluid mechanics and thermodynamics
  • P2302 Machinery and equipment - branch 2302V010 Construction of machinery and equipment
    • specialization Equipment for thermal engineering

In these specializations, students are introduced to modern methods of applied fluid mechanics, turbulent transport of mass and heat, which are complemented by appropriate experiments, especially flow visualization, anemometry and computer simulation using the latest software and hardware. Attention is also paid to the basics of energy and operation of energy machinery and equipment. A separate group consists of subjects focused on the technical side of environmental protection, including the energy use of waste and the ecology of energy processes. In scientific research, the department is focused on thermal energy problems, internal and external aerodynamics, the theory of turbulent flow processes, thermal and laser anemometry and the use of the Monte-Carlo method for modeling the interaction processes of low-energy gamma radiation with a polycomponent sample. The department also plays a significant role in solving environmental issues in northern Bohemia and the Nisa Euroregion.

Members of the department are co-investigators of the research project MSM4674788501 "Optimization of machine properties in interaction with work processes and humans" with a focus on numerical and experimental research of thermal engineering processes, they also participate in the activities of the TEXTI II Research Center. No. 1M0553 - Section C and the Research Center of Internal Combustion Engines J. Božek II. No. 1M0568. For teaching and research, the department has laboratories for thermal engineering measurements, thermoanemometry, optical methods, hydrodynamic visualization, energy machines and equipment and computer fluid dynamics.