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Laboratory of power engineering equipment and renewable energy sources

Main goals and activities of the laboratory

The main goal of the laboratory is primarily the research of heat and mass transfer in heat exchangers, optimization of transfer phenomena, research of energy transfer and accumulation. Other activities include research to increase research into heat transfer efficiency, heat storage in heat storage tanks and the issue of stratification in hot accumulators. Furthermore, the development of new exchangers and optimization of heat exchange surfaces, research and optimization of floor heat convectors and, last but not least, the development of enthalpy heat exchangers. From renewable energy sources, the laboratory's activities focus on solar systems, photovoltaic and thermosolar collector systems, heat pumps and research into the thermoacoustic phenomenon. Furthermore, the laboratory measures the characteristics of fans, blowers and compressors, measures the heat and mass flows, researches the spread of pollutants in the indoor environment.

Professional focus of the laboratory

The laboratory focuses on research and development of heat exchangers and optimization of the heat and mass transfer process. Furthermore, research into the transmission and storage of thermal energy in storage tanks, research into renewable energy sources, especially solar systems and heat pumps, measuring the characteristics of pumps, fans, blowers and compressors, measuring heat pumps, measuring the balance of heat engines.


Specific devices and outputs


  • Ejector aerodynamic track.
  • Experimental thermoacoustic engine.
  • Turbocharger and fan track.
  • Heat source with experimental stratification tank, heat pump, gas boiler and other equipment.
  • Experimental assembly air conditioning track.
  • Equipment for research of moisture transfer through membranes, equipment for measuring low values ​​of breathability.
  • Equipment for measuring fast pressure changes (up to 16 channels at 10 kHz), accurate measurement of low pressures, accurate calibration of pressure sensors.
  • Compressors, pressure vessels and compressed air lines with an achievable compressed air flow of up to 1 kg / s.